Western Line Builders

Accident Prevention Action Plan

Western Line Builders is committed to providing a safe environment for each employee. In order to help achieve this goal Western Line Builders has done the following:

  1. Daily tailboard meetings will be held by each crew discussing any accidents / incidents and daily hazard analysis.

  2. Annual Safety training will be conducted on:
    1. Poletop Rescue;
    2. First Aid;
    3. CPR;
    4. Fire Extinguisher Use; and
    5. MSHA Refresher.

  3. Upon hire each employee receives:
    1. 10-Hour OSHA Construction Course;
    2. 24-Hour New Hire MSHA Training;
    3. Equipment Operation Training;
    4. Site Specific Training; and
    5. Pre-Employment Drug Testing.

  4. Western Line Builder’s Safety Director has developed and maintained an Injury and Illness Prevention Program; Hazard Communication Program; Respirator Program; Lockout/Tagout Program; Confined Space Program; and a Hearing Conservation Program.

  5. All of the Electrical Equipment is tested on an annual basis and the Personal Protective Equipment is tested according to industry standards.